Training Values:

  1. Contextual – We are highly conscious that each international context is not the U.S. Each region has its own language, history, and culture. Thus, we strive to avoid a colonial perspective, to share only biblical and cross-cultural principles, and to empower nationals to follow the Holy Spirit within their unique context.
  2. Accessible – We provide low or even no cost, on-site, intense, and inter-denominational training for pastors and ministry leaders. Because we are not tied to brick and mortar locations, or paid instructors, we can provide the flexibility and affordability needed to maximize engagement in each region.
  3. Reproducible – We enter each context with an exit strategy. Our desire is to empower each region to train their own pastors. Our pattern is to train, equip, and release. Each cohort serves as an incubator to identify, raise up, and resource indigenous trainers. The only way to meet the need is through genuine multiplication.

Mission Values:

  1. Partnership – We rely on partnerships in both the US and around the world to accomplish our mission.  We are not a sending agency, but a resource agency.  We provide process, materials, coaching, and relationships.  Each school in each location belongs to the pastors giving and receiving the instruction.  Our goal is to create and empower a web of training relationships that ultimately extends around the world.
  2. Excellence – We only do one thing: train pastors.  We want to do that as well or better than anyone.  To accomplish this we seek to invest in 3 key areas: faithful and reliable trainers (2 Tim 2:2), biblical and empowering materials, and a simple and reproducible process.
  3. Faithfulness – We seek one filter to drive our decisions: what is best for the Kingdom of God.  Thus, we seek to give ourselves away by making ourselves, our material, and our process available to those sincerely needing help.  We seek the Holy Spirit regarding our response to each opportunity to train pastors.  Finally, we keep our promises and finish training in each location.
Students with no formal pastor training
Students that are bi-vocational pastors
Students with no access to pastor training


We are supported solely by the generous gifts of friends and partners who believe in what we are doing. All gifts are greatly appreciated and no gift is too small.