I Want To Be An Instructor

We are always on the lookout for gifted and passionate instructors.  We understand that our success comes in sending the right people.  Not everyone is cut out for this ministry.

  • We insist that all our instructors familiarize themselves with and affirm our Beliefs, Approach, Values, and Mission: all of which are contained on this website. It is imperative that each team member understands and is working in unison towards the same goals.
  • We insist that each of our instructors possess a spirit of humility. This includes a spirit of respect and partnership.  We are not there to set national pastors strait, fix them, or show them how we do things.  We are there to build kingdom relationships, and to equip and encourage our partners with biblical and contextual teaching.
  • We insist that each instructor have a passion for the course they teach. They must be knowledgeable and prepared.  Their love for the doctrines and principles in the course should be contagious and infectious.  We want nationals to be excited about their growth and to share the material with others.
  • We insist instructors fully understand they are entering a different culture, and all that represents. There must be a willingness to understand and work within a given culture.  Much of what that entails will not be known until we are on the ground.  We follow the lead of our host.  We roll with events and situations as they unfold.  We have a spirit of adventure as we encounter travel, lodging, language, and customs different than our own.

If you feel you meet these requirements and would still like to be a teacher through P2P, please fill out the form below and attach your resume:

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    Students with no formal pastor training
    Students that are bi-vocational pastors
    Students with no access to pastor training


    We are supported solely by the generous gifts of friends and partners who believe in what we are doing. All gifts are greatly appreciated and no gift is too small.