Each program consists of twelve courses taught over a one to three year period. Students who complete all twelve courses receive an attractive diploma from the P2P.

We have six theological courses, and six principle courses; although, all of our courses are both theological and practical in nature.


  • Theology of God
  • Theology of Salvation
  • Theology of Church
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Hermeneutics


  • Missions
  • Discipleship
  • Evangelism
  • Preaching
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Applied Church History

Each course is taught on the field in churches, hotels, and restaurants rather than at one central location.

Each course is designed for twelve teaching hours taught over two to four days, but usually in two day intensives. This allows us to teach in two locations in one week. Our teachers typically come in on Monday, teach in one location on Tuesday and Wednesday, teach in another location on Thursday and Friday, and return home on Saturday.

Each teacher is typically hosted by a national coordinator. The national coordinator is responsible for securing the teaching location, providing a quality translator, travel, lodging, promotion, and logistics. Our goal is to come alongside national leaders to assist them in their ministry. True partnership with national leaders is not only the spirit of our ministry, but the key to our success.

Each course is typically taught through an interpreter. We have worked hard to build key relationships with national leaders on the field. Nationals are responsible for providing a quality translator familiar with scripture and theological language.

Each teacher is required to fund as much of his trip as possible. Funds for each trip include all travel expenses such as airfare, lodging and food for the entire teaching team, translator fees, lunch for students, book printing, and other ancillary costs. Most Central American trips cost around $2,500. Trips beyond Central America can cost more due to increased airfare.


We are supported solely by the generous gifts of friends and partners who believe in what we are doing. All gifts are greatly appreciated and no gift is too small.